Men’s Leadership Training

May 15 9:00 am  |  Wilmington Church of Christ

909 West Locust Street, Wilmington, OH, USA

The elders would like you to attend leadership training for men on one Saturday every other month beginning in March.

All of our men have the potential to lead and serve well, but training helps all of us know what our leadership team is looking for in our men and what role the Scripture lays out for shepherding, protecting, and teaching our congregation. Come and learn what it means for our church to have healthy elders, men who lead, healthy teams, and how you can help.
There are three things you need to do to participate.
1. Pick up a book (and read it). The book is available at The Hub starting this Sunday, February 7. The first book is called “Answer the Call.” We will be studying four books over the course of eight months.  Discussion questions are found at the end of each chapter.
2. Join us for breakfast, training, and discussion on the book “Answer His Call” on Saturday, March 20 from 9 am until noon. Breakfast and bacon will be provided.
3. Please RSVP–email or text me back and let me know if you plan to attend on Saturday, March 20(because I want to make sure I have enough bacon for all of us).
PS Go on and write down on your calendars these Saturday dates: March 20, May 15, July 17, and September 18. We will pass out the books at least one month prior to each of our Saturday breakfast/training dates.
PPS If you would like to help us offset the costs, we will sell them at The Hub for $10 beginning February 7.Or you can order a PDF copy online at or order a paperback copy at
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