“Dead Serious About Life”
Wilmington High School

March 16 (6:00 pm) & March 17 (3:00 pm)

“Dead Serious…about Life” is a musical written to appeal to teenagers. It is presented by teenagers, geared for a Middle School and High School audience and it is upfront. The story begins at Spencer and Stephanie’s house. Mom and Dad have left for the weekend, so let the party begin! Throughout the course of the evening, you will meet the characters with their different personalities, their numerous problems, and their view about their lives.

Several of the Wilmington area churches are working together to bring this musical to the high school. Tickets are available at the door for $8, but there are two other ways our church family can help with this presentation.

Housing for the Cast on Saturday Night

There are 30 people involved in the production and we are being asked to house 6-8 students. Here are the details:

pick up your students following Saturday’s performance at the High School
take them home, feed them, take them to church in the morning
drop them off at Wilmington High School by 1 pm on Sunday

Contact Tony Brackemyre (tonysturf@wcconline.org) with the number of students you can house and whether you would prefer guys or girls

Listeners Following the Performances

Following each presentation there will be a Listening Roomwhere students can go to talk about what they just experienced. Each host church is being asked to provide five listeners for each performance. Listeners need to be over the age of 18 andlove the Lord and like teenagers.

Contact Tony Brackemyre (tonysturf@wcconline.org) if you are willing to serve as a listener and which performance you would prefer.

More information about “Dead Serious About Life” can be found here – www.mish-inc.com