Be The Church Ministry

Be The Church Ministry is happening this August!

This story highlights how to #BeTheChurch

One of our church members needed her home power washed to avoid some homeowner association fines. She couldn’t do it herself, so she asked for help. Another one of our church members jumped into action and power washed the siding. God designed the Church to act this way to one another. We serve out of love.

We have church members with work orders like these: homes power washed, home cleaned, ramps built, steps repaired, resumes typed, computers fixed, diapers restocked, walls painted, couches moved, we even have a church member who needs their air conditioning repaired.

And we have Church members that desire to honor Jesus by serving one another in love.

Here’s where you can help: Fill out this work order. We want to help connect serving Church members to work orders in our own Church. Click here to access the work order form.

We’re looking for work orders right now, with the goal of having them finished by Saturday, August 27, so we can celebrate on Sunday, August 28 during our worship hours.

Our isolation over the last couple of years and our political divisions moved all of us away from one another instead of closer together. God designed the body of Christ–the Church–to act counterculture. We counteract division and isolation with love. This is part of the beauty of being the body of Christ; we serve one another out of love and reverence for Jesus Christ. #BeTheChurch means serving and helping one another out of love all so God is glorified!

We can serve each other more easily by asking each other this question: “How can I help?” But we have to retrain ourselves to start asking that question.

How can the Church serve you?

Fill out this work order and the Church office will give you a call within two weeks to see if we can place your work order with a Church member willing to serve.

Dale McCamish

P.S. Here’s some more information:
Who: Wilmington Church of Christ
What: We help each other by serving with love
Where: At your need.
When: Now
Why:  So, when someone says, “I have a need,” we respond with love in action.

We plan to celebrate Be the Church Day on Sunday, August 28 during our morning worship hours with testimonies and pictures about how the love of Christ is working through our Church. #BetheChurch