In the profound story of Lazarus, we unearth a tapestry of events that not only narrates the extraordinary power of Jesus but also imparts invaluable lessons for our lives. Let’s delve deeper into each facet of this compelling narrative:

Jesus, the Final Answer: Lazarus’ resurrection showcases Jesus as more than a mere miracle worker. It magnifies Him as the ultimate answer to life’s most daunting challenges. In healing Lazarus and mending broken hearts, Jesus reveals the depth of His love, power, and authority. The central theme resonates: beyond death’s grip, Jesus stands as the eternal solution.

The Ripple Effect of Belief: The impact of Lazarus’ resurrection extends beyond the immediate circle. Witnessing this miraculous event transforms the faith of many, leaving an indelible mark on the community. It highlights the transformative power of belief in Jesus, emphasizing that our encounters with the miraculous can profoundly shape and strengthen our convictions.

God’s Plan Unfolding: The Lazarus story is a key chapter in God’s grand narrative. By allowing Lazarus to die and orchestrating his resurrection, God introduces the profound theme of life emerging from death. This sets the stage for the ultimate sacrifice and triumph of Jesus—His crucifixion, death, and resurrection. Even the opposition faced by Jesus, as foretold in the narrative, aligns seamlessly with God’s divine plan.

Spiritual Maturity Amidst Grief: Martha and Mary, pivotal characters in this saga, undergo a metamorphosis in the crucible of grief. Martha, known for her need for control, learns the profound lesson of trusting Jesus even when circumstances spiral beyond her grip. Similarly, Mary, initially confused and distraught, discovers a steadfast anchor in Jesus amid life’s uncertainties. Their individual journeys illustrate that even in our challenges, Jesus is glorified, and our fears and confusions can find solace in Him.

Jesus, the Healing Savior: Beyond being a miraculous healer, Jesus prioritizes the healing of souls. The heartbreaking news of a visitor facing stage four cancer serves as a poignant reminder that Jesus doesn’t promise a life free of suffering. However, even in the midst of pain, His desire is to heal broken hearts. The encounter with this reality prompts reflection on the depth of Jesus’ love, comfort, and ability to bring solace in the darkest moments.

Connecting Broken People to the Healing Savior: At the heart of our purpose as a community is the profound mission to connect broken people to the healing Savior. This transcends mere action; it defines our very existence. As we leave the confines of our physical church, we step into a world saturated with brokenness. Each encounter becomes an opportunity to embody our mission—to be the bridge that connects individuals in need with the transformative love and healing power of Jesus Christ.

In essence, our purpose as a church becomes vivid: to connect broken people to the one who brings healing, restoration, and hope. It’s not just what we do; it’s the very essence of why we exist. As we live out this purpose, let us carry the torch of compassion, embodying the mission to connect broken souls to the ever-healing Savior, Jesus Christ.


The content of this article is drawn from a segment of the sermon titled “I AM THE RESURRECTION,” delivered by Dale McCamish on November 5, 2023, at the Wilmington Church of Christ.

Watch the full message below: