I Hate Waiting by Nic Bancroft

Nic Bancroft   -  

I hate waiting. 

I’m in the top 5 of the world’s most impatient people, probably

I want instant gratification… and I want it now!

Amazon Prime 2-day shipping got delayed? Ridiculous

Stuck at a stop light? Let’s go, people!

On hold while on the phone? Nope, I’ll call back later (but probably not)

I set up my life to eliminate as much waiting as possible. I use Kroger ClickList instead of going into the store. I only watch shows that are on-demand. (Side story: we were watching over the air broadcast TV once with my kids and a commercial came on. Isaac asked why we just couldn’t skip it. Kids these days, smh). 

I hate waiting. And so too does my son apparently. 

But as I grow older, I come to appreciate the waiting more and more. Or at least I’ve come to value the waiting. More often than not, it’s the anticipation of the thing that is more exciting than the actual thing (looking at you Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker). 

We wait and we wait and we wait and then all of a sudden it is here…and then it’s gone and I’ve missed it.

This Christmas season has been like that for me. I haven’t waited. I haven’t anticipated Christmas. I’ve wanted it to come so quickly that I haven’t appreciated the joy in looking forward. Jesus gives us this season of Advent particularly for this purpose of waiting, of anticipating, or looking forward to Him. 

There is still time to find joy in the waiting. I want to encourage you to take what time is left before Christmas and wait. 

Read the Christmas story with your family

Talk about how the waiting must have been like for Mary

Think about how God’s people must have felt waiting for a Savior

Pray about this season of waiting on Jesus to return and how you can find joy in it

Lastly, I want to invite you to join us online as we share Christmas together as a church. All day Christmas Eve, from noon till midnight, every hour on the hour, we will be streaming our Christmas Eve Virtual Service. Plan around your family get-together and take 30 minutes as we share in the birth of Jesus…the reason we wait.

Merry Christmas