A Conversation by Cheryl Brackemyre

Cheryl Brackemyre   -  

A few weeks ago, I was having a talk with a friend.

We were talking about prayer.

She was asking how to do it the right way, and I told her prayer is just a conversation between you and God.

I told her to talk to Him like she talks to me, share with Him how you feel and just talk to Him like you would a friend.

I told her not to be afraid, but told her to pray and then listen, that God will hear your prayer and answer your prayer.

She asked how will I know when he answers and I told her to pray that God would hit her over the head with the answer.  (Figuratively not literally)

She called me last week on her way home from work.  She was excited when I answered the phone and bursting to tell me what had happened.

She went on to share with me that, that morning she decided to start her day with a conversation with God.  She had been having some stressful days at work and felt like she needed to just pour her heart out to God and talk to him like she would a friend.  She shared with me that she told Him about her frustrations and where she needed strength and a better outlook and that she just needed Him.

The call on the way home was to tell me how she had started her day and how God had heard her prayer.  She hadn’t realized it until someone asked her how her day had been and she recalled her day and said, “My day was GREAT!”

She was exuberant as she was telling me that God had helped her through the day and had answered her prayer!

I wept on the phone as she told me how she was feeling and how she felt like it was a conversation between she and God.

I encouraged her to keep it up and continue to pray.  I told her eventually she will be praying all day.  When a student comes up to her at her job, she can meet their educational need and then silently pray for them, when she sees someone discouraged, she can lift them up in prayer and when she passes by and accident on the road you can stop and pray over the people who were involved.  Prayer will become an all-day talk with God.

At the end our of conversation, after I had pulled myself together, I asked her if she was surprised and she said no, that she had prayed God would hit her over the head and he sure did.

Prayer changes things.  The simple conversation changes things.  You talking to God, telling Him all about you and asking Him to guide and direct you changes things.  Sharing with God your heart and your fears and your hopes and dreams changes things.  Kneeling before the Lord and submitting to Him and His ways changes things.  Asking God for a new heart and a steadfast spirit changes things.

It starts with a conversation.