Seek HIM, He Doesn’t Change by Cheryl Brackemyer

Cheryl Brackemyre   -  
Things look different right now.
These are uncertain times.
These are unprecedented times.
Plans have changed.
I’m a planner. I love to puts dates in my calendar and plan for the future. I often tell my husband that I will be spontaneous if I have time to plan it.
Insert the last 4 months.
I’m over in my little part of the world scratching up my planner like a bingo board. I can’t plan, but when I do, I have to change those plans, one maybe two more times. Talk about uncertain times!
Vacations have changed, birthday parties have changed, school looks different, time with family looks different right now.
For my personality, when I am unable to plan and control my day to day, I can feel anxious and uncertain about everything. This entire pandemic effects all of us and in different ways.
As I have been processing the last four months there is one thing that I keep hearing God say to me.
I see it time and time again in devotions I read and when reading my Bible, He has brought me back to it over and over again.
Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” NIV
Jesus doesn’t change.
Everything else is changing right now. He hasn’t changed and won’t change ever.
Shame on me for being all consumed about MY plans and what I want to do and about my planner and having to make changes with my agenda.
Everything around me is chaos and uncertain and unprecedented and changing, except Jesus.
Jesus doesn’t change, Covid-19 hasn’t changed Jesus, this crazy pandemic hasn’t changed Jesus.
Hebrews 13:8 speaks directly to me in this season we are in. Seek HIM, he doesn’t change.