Be Spent by Nic Bancroft

Nic Bancroft   -  
The last few months for my family (and probably yours too) have been exhausting. My job had shifted from planning and leading worship services for an in-person gathering to figuring out how to move all of that to an online platform, all while learning those skills from scratch. It seemed that every waking moment was spent racking my brain figuring out logistics. My wife’s job had similarly changed and she was figuring how to take the medical lab college courses she was teaching and moving them online (update: it’s hard to draw blood virtually). I was also now in charge of teaching my Kindergartener and First Grader and picked up child care duties for my 15-month old when my baby sitter became unavailable.
My stress level was sky-high.
By the time July rolled around, I was drained.
But…what if instead of being drained, I had chosen to be spent?
A book I read recently changed my perspective on this (Blessed, Broken, Given by Glenn Packiam).
Being drained means that something is being taken from me, that I was being robbed of agency or that there was a leak. Not by choice.
Being spent though, is a choice. An intentional act. Purposeful. Something that I GET to participate in. Is this what Paul meant in Philippians 2 when he said he was being “poured out like a drink offering”?
What if when God sends us, and we participate in the sending, we can’t actually be drained?
Isn’t this what Jesus did when faced with his own death? Isn’t this the difference of a life taken versus a life given? He declared that no one takes His life from Him, He gives it of His own accord. (John 10:18)
How could this change your approach today? Go in with the mindset being ready to serve, give, help, listen, and talk – not because someone needs something from you, but because God has sent you to spend you. Any words, energy, resource and wisdom already belong to the Lord. He has given it to you… so that He can give it away THROUGH you.
Go. Be sent. Be spent